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If your period is late and you think you might be pregnant take the following steps . . .

Do a pregnancy test

They are only £5 at Marie Stopes International centres, Brook Centres, some GP's, many family planning clinics and STI (sexually transmitted Infection) clinics.... the testing is confidential and only you and the nurse will know what's going on.

Hate the idea of talking to someone? For about £10 you can buy a home pregnancy test - all you do is go to your local pharmacy or supermarket where they sell a range of reliable testing kits. Follow the instructions carefully though if you want a reliable result.

The result will either be:

NEGATIVE - if you don't want to be pregnant you will breathe a sigh of relief and use this false alarm to get your contraception sorted out! See your GP, family planning clinic or use condoms.

POSITIVE - you now need to decide what to do. Other people/doctors/counsellors can help you make a decision by explaining your choices but in the end you must decide what YOU want.

Your choices:

  • Keep the baby
  • Adoption
  • Abortion

Who can you talk to?

If you are pregnant, and the pregnancy is unplanned you may be feeling confused, shocked, and scared but try not to let this stop you from seeking help. It is important to face what is happening and seek advice as soon as possible.

It is also important to make the right decision for you, and this might not always be the decision your boyfriend or your parents would make. Try and talk it over with someone you trust.

Talking it over

You could talk it over with your boyfriend or your mum or dad, but if you don't feel you can talk to them, you could also speak to: an older sister or brother, your friends, a teacher, a doctor, a social worker, a school counsellor, your GP, Brook Advisory counsellor, or a Marie Stopes International counsellor.

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