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Abortion options


If you think you are pregnant you should do a test to make sure. Buy a home pregnancy test from a pharmacy or visit your local GP, family planning clinic or Marie Stopes International centre .  

Considering an abortion?

If you are pregnant and considering an abortion, it is important that you seek advice quickly, before your pregnancy is too advanced. Make an appointment with Marie Stopes International or contact your GP, family planning clinic or young person's clinic.

Your doctor will be able to refer you under the NHS for free treatment and give you a referral letter to go to the hospital or clinic. We provide both NHS and private abortion treatment. If you are coming to us privately the cost will depend on what type of abortion treatment you are having. Click here to find out more about our abortion costs and fees .


If you are unsure what do, we can arrange for you to see a specialist counsellor or talk to one via our telephone counselling service, so you can discuss your feelings and your options. Don't feel you have to make this important decision on your own (equally, don't let others decide for you). We have also designed an on-line counselling guide below to help you analyse your feelings.

Assessing your abortion options

When you see a doctor, at one of our centres or elsewhere, they will need to assess how many weeks pregnant you are to establish what treatment options are available to you.

As a guide, why not check out our on-line pregnancy calculator ?

Types of abortion treatment range from a simple surgical procedure with no anaesthetic, which only requires a short visit to a centre of about one hour, sedation or a general anaesthetic procedure where you may be with us for a little longer. In early pregnancy up to 9 weeks, it is also possible to have a medical abortion , also known as the ‘abortion pill’.

We will explain all these options to you when booking you're appointment , but have a look at our Abortion - your questions answered leaflet for more information.

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