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Travelling from Ireland

Marie Stopes International is a pro-choice organisation. We believe that abortion should be an integral part of women’s healthcare and that a woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy has the right to access accurate, factual information about all her pregnancy options, including abortion. We support women to make confident, informed choices about their sexual health.

As abortion is restricted in Ireland, if you decide to have an abortion you must travel to the UK and pay for the service. We can provide you with all the information you need to make this appointment.

You can call us on 00 44 845 300 8090 (or 0845 300 8090 if you are calling from Northern Ireland) at any time of day or night and your call will be completely confidential. When you ring us, we can:

- answer any questions you might have
- arrange for you to have counselling over the phone or point you in the direction of counselling services in Ireland
- arrange for you to discuss your options with an experienced nurse
- advise you on how many weeks pregnant you may be once you have had a scan.

If you decide you want to end the pregnancy, we will make an appointment for you at one of our centres in the UK to suit you and your travel arrangements. We will also give you information on treatment choices, prices, maps, travel and accommodation.

When you call us, please tell us that you will be travelling from Ireland and we can offer you the most convenient appointment times.

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Medical abortion service for Irish and Northern Irish women 

As part of our commitment to helping Irish and Northern Irish women, all women travelling from Ireland and Northern Ireland to one of our centres in Great Britain can access a medical abortion service which can be completed within a day if you are between six and nine weeks pregnant. This is for the fee of €420.

You can also visit our new centre in Belfast. The consultation fee is £80 and the medical procedure fee is £350.

If' you're travelling to one of our centres in Great Britain, appointments will be in the morning, in order to complete the treatment in one day. You need to arrive at the clinic by 10am so that the first tablet can be given no later than 10.30am. The second set of tablets will be given to you six hours after the first.

While we understand that you may want to get home quickly following the treatment, we advise that you stay overnight locally with friends or family if possible. This is because you may begin to experience cramps and bleeding soon after taking the second medication and you may prefer not to be travelling at this time.

We will give you comprehensive information about what to expect following the treatment and how to manage symptoms you may experience. We will also provide you with sanitary protection and medication to relieve pain and sickness.

To find out if you are able to have this treatment, you will need to have a scan to confirm how many weeks you are pregnant. Scans can be carried out at Reproductive Choices in Dublin, Marie Stopes Belfast centre or in a centre in the UK. It is important that you are aware that if you choose to have the scan at the centre and the pregnancy is found to be over nine weeks you will not be able to have this medical treatment and will be offered a surgical abortion.

If you are travelling to the UK for medical or surgical treatment please do not eat on the day of travel and only drink water in case an anaesthetic is required.

For further information on accessing this new service please call 0845 300 8090 (callers from Northern Ireland) or 00 44 845 300 8090 (callers from Ireland).

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