Conference to explore the latest in sexual health

Marie Stopes International will host the Sex in the City Conference on 29th September to explore the latest developments in sexual health including contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the role of sex and relationships education.

The conference, being held in London, is targeting sexual health professionals and will provide attendees with five Continuous Professional Development points (CPD).

The event comes as the latest STI data show that infection rates continue to rise with almost half a million people diagnosed last year. Of significant concern is that one in 10 young people are being diagnosed a second time within 12 months of their initial infection. This highlights the challenges still facing health professionals in bringing about a change in risky behaviour for some individuals.

The latest statistics also show that sexual health services need to be excluded from government funding cuts.

Tracey McNeil the Vice-President of UK and Europe at Britain’s leading independent sexual and reproductive health provider, Marie Stopes International, said:

“Conference speakers will explore the latest issues driving unplanned pregnancies and STI rates in the UK, along with strategies that are effective in getting more people using contraception and having safe sex.

“But the latest STI data shows we have a considerable way to go in reducing the incidence of STIs and unplanned pregnancy. While some of the rise is due to greater accessibility to services - it will be crucial that changes to the NHS and downward pressure on budgets do not lead to a cut in funds for sexual health services.

“The rise in STI rates highlights the need for comprehensive and standardised sex and relationships education to be taught in all schools in Britain. The re-infection rate shows that many young people have not fully grasped the life-long effects of contracting STIs such a genital herpes and HIV.”

Topics also to be discussed include long-acting reversible contraception, late stage abortion and new types of contraception.

Registration fees are £75. For more information visit Marie Stopes International or to register call Laura Livretti 0207 388 5771.


Media contact: Call 020 7034 2369 or 07875206303.

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