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Marie Stopes International has carried out over 140,000 vasectomies, making us the UK’s most experienced vasectomy provider.

Vasectomy is a safe, simple and permanent method of contraception chosen by millions of men worldwide. Vasectomy is also known as male sterilisation.

We offer comprehensive vasectomy information and a confidential service, which includes:

  • Initial vasectomy consultation
  • Vasectomy procedure
  • All vasectomy aftercare
  • Follow-up semen testing – with an online results service

Marie Stopes International provides vasectomy procedures at our network of vasectomy clinics in the UK.

We have vasectomy clinics in the following locations:

Is vasectomy the right method for me?

There are a number of factors you should consider before deciding whether vasectomy ( male sterilisation ) is the right contraceptive method for you. As with any method of contraception , you should consider your options first. The vasectomy pages on this website will give you detailed information about vasectomy as a contraceptive choice and method of birth control. If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment, call our vasectomy advisers on 0845 300 0212 you can also book online now.

Vasectomy may be an appropriate method for you if any of the following is true:

  • You and your partner have all the children you ever want to have
  • You and your partner don’t want to have children and you can’t or don’t want to use temporary methods of family planning
  • You want a permanent, one time method of contraception
  • You (or your partner) have a medical condition that limits the use of other family planning methods
  • You want to enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy

How is a vasectomy performed?

The vasectomy procedure itself is performed by a highly trained doctor and is extremely quick and straightforward. It involves sealing the tubes (called vas deferens) that carry sperm. This stops sperm entering ejaculated fluid. The vasectomy is carried out under local anaesthetic, taking about 10 minutes to complete and you will not need any stitches. We use the non scalpel technique for vasectomies at Marie Stopes International.

Have a look at our vasectomy diagram for more information

Will vasectomy affect my sex drive?

A vasectomy will not affect a man’s sex drive, as the procedure does not affect the production of male hormones. Following a vasectomy a man will continue to enjoy sex, and produce the same amount of fluid when he ejaculates. The only difference is that the fluid will no longer contain sperm. In fact, men tell us that after vasectomy sex can be more enjoyable, as the worry of using reliable contraception has now been taken care of! Look at our vasectomy webcast to see what men who have had a vasectomy think.

How effective is vasectomy?

Vasectomy is over 99% effective, so it and female sterilisation are the most reliable forms of contraception. After a vasectomy we ask for a couple of sperm samples which you can send to us by post to check that the procedure has been successful, you can then get your results online using our online results service . Once your samples, show no sperm at all you are given the "all clear" and need not use contraception again.

We can test your semen annually after your vasectomy for added reassurance that your procedure continues to be successful (there is a small charge for this).

Remember vasectomy offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS.

Any other considerations?

  • You will need to avoid contact sports and heavy physical exercise for at least four weeks after a vasectomy
  • You will also need to avoid short haul flights for 48 hours and long haul flights for 7-10 days after a vasectomy

How do I find out more?

We have recently translated our vasectomy information into Urdu . Please use the feedback button above to let us know if you found this useful or if you would like to see our information translated into any other languages.

Some of the money from the fees people pay in our UK centres goes towards supporting our work in developing countries. Find out more about our work overseas .

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