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Key guidelines

When referring a patient to Marie Stopes International for an abortion please take a look at the client pathway and referral guide PDF under How to refer for more information.

We have made referral easier for you by producing referral forms. These can be accessed on the website by going to the How to refer section. The referral form can be given to the client to bring with her to her appointment.

If your patient is sure of her decision it is helpful to let her know the abortion options available including medical (the abortion pill) and surgical abortion. If she is not sure, we are able to provide counselling services to help her explore her feelings.

We appreciate if you are willing to provide the HSA 1 form with one signature, but if this is not possible, we will supply the necessary signatures.

If your patient has any significant medical problems, particularly a high BMI, asthma, respiratory, heart and thyroid problems and/or a history of contracting MSRA, please let us know in advance as this may affect her treatment.

Contraception is provided for all clients when they visit our centres, but please note down any recommendations for methods which you have discussed with the patient.

Following treatment, we inform all clients to contact us if they have any concerns. We have a 24 hour aftercare line manned by experienced nurses on - 0845 122 14 41. If you need to discuss a patient with us please do not hesitate to call.

We've also developed a Termination of pregnancy post operative care guide for GPs which you can download by clicking on the link.

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